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What is the Cosmo Energetic Channels?

The concept of Channeling of Cosmic Energy in general is not a faith, religious belief or a science in their traditional sense. It is more likely The Knowledge in the broad sense of the word that includes some elements of these opposing systems of human thought. This is Knowledge that has its own, quite accessible methodology and complete system, established and proven in practice notions about the world and the man.

In general, pragmatism is one of the immanent features of our system and Cosmoenergetic Channeling School offers itself to humankind not by any means after the passage to the other side, but precisely here and now. However with the apparent difference between religion and cosmoenergy there are real areas where these systems clearly cross. First of all it relates to many religious myths, folk tales, revelations of the saints and ascetics of the past. Most of them prove to be true when Cosmoenergetic Channellers-warriors travel to various worlds of our Universe. It is here that we find comprehensive proofs of the descriptions of magicians’ world, depicted in the books of Carlos Castaneda, or for the peculiarities of shamans’ travels, collected in the monograph by Mircea Eliade. By changing perception via aware and controlled channel resonance, experienced Cosmoenergetic operators are able to see for themselves the great practical value of verbal statements of the Church. These statements, however, are not perceived merely as religious dogmas, but as immutable laws of Cosmos.

Cosmoenergetic approach is not a science in its traditional sense. This thesis is fair if for no other reason than because the majority of our methods, healing technics, means of receiving information, and as a result notions about the world and the man, go far beyond the framework of existing scientific paradigm. With that we cannot ignore the fact that it is scientific language that is the basic language of modern industrial civilization, whose representatives we are. It is just as fair as the uncompromising achievements of fundamental sciences. They are especially visible in natural areas like physics, chemistry, biology and some other, for example computer science, psychology and synergy. They are undergoing an active reevaluation of their values, that often has an explosive character bringing closer notions of classical science and cosmoenergetic school.

One of such events was the discovery of multi dimensional wave genetic code. Pioneer researchers who successfully overcame scientific conservatism, bring to discussion table revolutionary ideas that are apparent to any trained cosmoenergetic practitioner. One of such non-trivial scientific hypothesis was the suggestion to look at genetic structures as unique cosmic wave antennas able to receive external cosmic wave signals of various frequency. Such notions agree well with ideas of Jose Arguelles and our notions of the great value of cosmic channels.

The core of our Galaxy is the source of powerful frequency radiation, which form spiral streams and spin around in forward and reverse directions, being nothing else but a wave galactic code, which controls and fills DNA with life.

Curiously this hypothesis in its generic form does not contradict modern astronomic concept. Our Galaxy is a giant spiral system called Milky Way. Other star systems are located at huge distances from Milky Way, meaning that our Galaxy is isolated. In the world of galaxies our Milky Way takes by no means a last place. It is a giant galaxy with the disk size of about 100 thousand light years and depth of about 30 thousand light years. The most mysterious part of the Galaxy is its center, or, in astronomical terms, central parsec. It is practically impossible to observe this part., because it is concealed from us with interstellar dust, which has a high optical absorption. Here we have anomalies that modern astronomy cannot explain. For example, there is a “mini-spiral” – an unusual source of radio frequency with the diameter of only 12 light years, as well as another compact, quick-changing radio source with the several minute change rate. This source is located exactly at Galaxy axis. In the same direction there is an absolutely unusual object, unique source, radiating a narrow line that corresponds to the annihilation of electrons and positrons!

There is also a single-point X-ray source of alternating intensity there. Besides, there are density waves spreading along the disk of our Galaxy, and our Solar System is located in unique geometrical place of the Galaxy called by astronomers a corotation circle. We have taken a more detailed look at a traditional theory of our Galaxy to illustrate the apparent similarity in this matter. The only thing left to add here is that cosmoenergetic channeling school, being exceptionally a practical system, is able to offer substantial support to fundamental science under the condition of mutually open dialogue.

Now if dear reader would follow the author and come back from the bottomless cosmic depths to their native earth, they would be surprised to find out that cosmoenergetic channels are the most important tools in the development of civilization. Let’s begin with our healing technics. This is the most developed part of the cosmoenergy school ensemble of knowledge and that’s why it decorates the façade of the entire system. Right now a trained cosmoenergy operator effortlessly takes care of a whole range of illnesses of moderate severity by means of appropriate wave application onto patient’s physical and energy structures. Over a relatively short period of time we are able to manage practically the whole range of illnesses without having to take medications. Any patient who holds orthodox views on healthcare in general, can quickly prove the effectiveness of our technics by undergoing preliminary and post-healing medical screening at a local medical center. We are ourselves very interested in such procedures and ask our patients to do the health screening before and after applying our methods, because we keep patient database needed for a serious dialogue with traditional medical industry. The works of experienced cosmoenergy practitioners-healers, who, unfortunately, are very few so far, would be by all means considered miracles a hundred years ago and rumors would make their names famous.

Even nowadays their works and healing effects cannot but inspire respect for the workers. Even me, a person who dedicated my life to establishing and developing cosmoenergy on the planet, who created and has been practicing healing methods for over 20 years and who has seen many successes and disappointments in life, cannot stop marveling at the great power of cosmoenergy technics, which are being passed with endless compassion and love onto the exhausted humankind.

However it is not enough to become the holder of a hundred or two of cosmoenergy channels to consider yourself a full-right cosmoenergy-healer. This path is accessible to few, because it mercilessly demands total dedication and talent multiplied by daily hard work. This is the path that implies that very “love for one’s neighbor”, and this gift is given only to people with an open heart, who are devoid of envy, greed, anger and deceitfulness. With quiet sadness and deep pain I must admit that only few of my talented students walk this path with dignity and have withstood the temptation of fame, recognition and power. May God be your judge, my former fellows!

Cosmoenergy continues to live and not only live, but rapidly develop despite any private human shortcomings and obstacles put up by stubborn orthodox believers. The previously existing methods are being perfected with new, more powerful wave technics on the way, which I am destined to pass on to people. At the end it is not so important that only few can become great healers. In human world it is a common thing. Paganini was also the only one while many thousands played the violin. Cosmoenergy offers a real solution here, too – receive cosmic channels and heal yourself, your relatives and friends. This path is accessible to everyone, it will free you from illnesses and help your heart to open up towards other people. At the moment our Knowledge is entering the stage of intense development and besides traditional areas, where healing belongs, new areas of cosmoenergy application arise.

This is first of all biotechnology that is being actively and seriously researched and tested by a group of biology scientists from Lomonosov Moscow State University and cosmoenergy operators. The first series of dynamic experiments with microorganisms showed amazing results of wave effect of cosmic channels. Not going deep into technical details of the experiment we can definitely say that the intensity of growth of some bacterial cultures can be successfully increased by 8-10 times in comparison with the control group. We see great perspectives in the area of intensifying of existing biotechnological methods, which can lead to real increase in the synthesis of bioactive substances. We conduct similar experiments with other life forms, for example with viruses and algae. Coming up are experiments with higher plants, insects and animals. Preliminary negotiations are being held and plans are being developed for the full-scale genetic research aimed at finding the answer to the principal question on the effect of cosmoenergy practitioner on the structure of genetic information.

As a separate theme it is proposed to run experiments to determine physical nature of wave effects of cosmoenergy operator. The volume of this publication does not allow to fully describe fundamental principles of cosmoenergy Knowledge, and I doubt it is necessary for a newspaper format. I hope that monograph on the topic, which is in its final stage of editing, will answer many questions that couldn’t be illuminated in this article. In conclusion I would like to express my appreciation to the patient reader and assure them with full responsibility that our knowledge is not a privilege of a handful of selected followers, concealed by inaccessible Himalayan summits or by the castle walls of occult Orders. This knowledge is here, next to you and we are ready to pass it on to you with hope and love. It belongs to you by the right of birth on our beautiful planet and guaranteed by the high profile of the Man of the Earth!